Skills shortages: employers miss out on unknown and unused skills

The majority of UK employees feel they have additional skills that are ignored or under-utilised at work, research suggests.

Nearly two-thirds of the 2,000 people surveyed by e-learning provider Learndirect Business said they had a talent outside of work that their employer could make use of. These ranged from IT skills to writing ability to salesmanship.

However, 82% said their employers had never asked about their additional skills, and so did not know about them.

“Effective training is the key to unlocking hidden skills and ensuring employees meet day-to-day business objectives,” said Kirstie Donnelly, Learndirect Business’ director of products and marketing.

“By harnessing the hidden skills of employees, bosses can transform not only their business but also maximise their employees’ full potential.”

Almost half the respondents (45%) said that using their extra skill would motivate them in the workplace.

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