Smokers take more time off work

take more time off work and are less productive when they are working,
according to research.

study of 300 ticket sales staff from a large US airline found that current
smokers averaged almost three times as much sick leave as non-smokers and
significantly more sick leave than ex- smokers.

the four-month study period, those who had never smoked averaged 1.33 days off
work compared to current smokers who were absent for an average of 3.99 days.

smokers also had lower rates of absenteeism as time passed and were on average
5 per cent more productive than current smokers – although this was not the
case during the first 12 months after giving up.

smokers felt that their colleagues and supervisors would rate them as the least
productive and non-smokers as the most productive.

report’s authors conclude that non or ex-smokers make more productive
employees. Once smokers give up, their productivity increases while the amount
of time they take off work is reduced.

research was reported in the scientific journal Tobacco Control.

Katie Hawkins

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