Snow problem, says Goldteam

Snow may have ground much of the UK to a halt recently but FMCG recruiter Goldteam has ensured that it is business as usual for its clients, who have been facing their busiest time of year.

With agency staff providing crucial support to busy factories in the run-up to the Christmas period, the adverse weather conditions had the potential to bring production to a halt due to lack of staff. To avert this problem, Goldteam not only lined up extra staff as a precaution, but transported workers to and from their clients’ sites throughout the night to ensure the necessary resources were in place.

“We appreciate that this festive season is of the utmost importance to our clients and that a little bit of snow could have been very damaging for their business” explains Karen Furminger, Goldteam’s General Manager. “By forward planning and making sure we had measures in place to avoid any problems, we were able to fill in gaps left by other agencies and ensure our clients had the people they could not afford to lose.”

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