Spread the love and engage your employees

Show your colleagues and employees how much you value them this Valentine’s Day and put a smile back on their faces by bringing love into the workplace!

A recent study by psychometric testing company SHL, revealed that employee engagement was most important, overtaking job satisfaction.

Although there are more serious ways to promote long-term employee engagement, like providing career development and training opportunities, what better way to raise spirits and get the whole team engaged in a little office fun than to hold a themed Valentine’s Day.

“Quality of social contact plays a vital role in the workplace and in the well-being of employees”, explains Jack Parkinson, national recruitment group HR GO plc’s Chairman.

“A little light relief in a hectic and stressful day can work wonders for employees in boosting morale and productivity. Once the economy starts to pick up, employers do not want to lose valued staff members because they feel disengaged in their jobs.”

Some ideas for organising a themed Valentine’s Work Day:

  • Wear something red or pink to work to get the theme alive

  • Decorate the office

  • Managers can put cards on desks with some kind words about how much the work of employees is valued, maybe referring to a specific project

  • Treat yourselves. Bring in chocolates, cupcakes etc and share in the office

  • Launch a competition amongst the staff with the reward of dinner for two voucher for the winner.

HR GO plc is one of the top 65 recruitment companies in the UK. The business turns over around £70 million and employs 360 permanent staff and over 4000 contract personnel.

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