Stagnation is not an age-related concept

I read with interest your news story about the research conducted by Rialto Consultancy on uninspired staff holding back UK business (, 9 August).

In my experience, ‘stagnation in role’ is not age dependent. It is inappropriate and inaccurate to infer that older employees or those with longer service are less committed, passionate and inspired to contribute to organisational performance.

If we are not personally encouraged to deploy our strengths and are not recognised for our contribution – whatever age we are – we will not be inspired to give our best.

Research from Gallup says that globally, only 20% of employees working in large organisations feel that their strengths are deployed in their roles every day. Is it any wonder that people ‘stagnate’ in their jobs?

A key priority for any HR department is to assist its organisation in meeting the challenging performance and growth objectives of its stakeholders. Our role is to support the leadership of our organisation to make the changes necessary so that we not only unlock organisational performance, but also create a more committed and inspired community of brand ambassadors for our company.

As a leader in your business, it’s worth reflecting at the end of your working day ‘Who have you inspired today?’, as we all have a role to play in accessing the talents, energy and passion of our people.

Krishna De
Managing director
One Ocean Group

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