Survey shows UK employees want more than just money for working

Money is far from the most important factor in choosing a job for UK workers, according to two surveys published this week.

Recruitment specialist Vedior found that 26% of people in the UK quit their last job because they couldn’t get on with their boss, compared with 16% who left to find a better salary.

Meanwhile, a Computer Weekly report discovered that IT professionals rank challenging work, recognition and freedom higher than wages when choosing a job.

Vedior chief executive officer Zach Miles said: “It is interesting that many more people in the UK cite their boss rather than their salary as the key reason for changing job.  

“In a market that is suffering profound skill shortages, UK bosses should be doing more to retain their key people.”

Vedior surveyed 2,700 people across the world via a poll on its website. In the US and mainland Europe, more people quit jobs for money than because of their boss.

Four in 10 UK workers left their job to further their career, and one in 10 for geographical reasons.

Computer Weekly found that nine in 10 IT workers thought having challenging or interesting work was very important, while only 74% thought the same about earning a good salary.

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