TalentPuzzle launches an innovative website aimed at cutting external search costs

TalentPuzzle, a new marketplace aiming to drive down recruitment costs, launched last month. Based on a model that has already caused a stir in America, TalentPuzzle lets companies post their job vacancies and set the percentage placement fees they are willing to pay to a recruitment agency for a successful candidate introduction. Recruiters see the vacancy and their earnings potential and compete to fill the post. Employers can select and reject individual recruiters based on performance ratings, so recruiters have an incentive to provide high quality CVs at all times. It is free for employers to advertise jobs.

TalentPuzzle has the potential to lower recruiting costs by allowing employers to set fees of their choice. As well as more cost-efficient recruiting, TalentPuzzle aims to fill vacancies faster and more effectively thanks to competition between recruitment agencies and access to a larger candidate pool. An added bonus is that employers get the convenience of maintaining just one vendor relationship with TalentPuzzle rather than engaging with numerous individual recruiters.

TalentPuzzle could be a timely solution for HR departments looking for ways to recruit more cost effectively, faster and more efficiently, while recruitment agencies get access to more vacancies, make more placements, and develop new relationships.


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