Tesco extends commitment to opportunities for disabled people

Supermarket giant Tesco has committed itself to providing more employment opportunities for disabled people by signing agreements with disability employment providers Remploy  and the Shaw Trust.

The agreements are the culmination of Tesco’s growing relationship with Remploy and the Shaw Trust, which has led to 400 disabled people getting jobs.

The three organisations initially concentrated on links with larger Tesco stores and supermarkets. But following successful pilot schemes, the new agreements see the roll-out of services to all store formats: Tesco Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express.

Remploy and Shaw Trust candidates are employed in a wide variety of Tesco roles, including customer service, checkout, stock replenishment, warehouse work, and driving.

“The local community is very important to Tesco and these vital agreements ensure we help local disabled people to find employment,” said Claire Peters, head of resourcing.

Beth Carruthers, general manager at Remploy, said: “Last year Remploy saw a 55% increase in the number of candidates being recruited to Tesco. This agreement is a further demonstration of Tesco’s commitment to widen employment opportunities for disabled people and we very much applaud a national retailer taking such a proactive stance.”

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