T&G urges Blair to protect public sector workers

The T&G
union has reacted to the Queen’s Speech by demanding that any private sector
involvement in the public sector is scrutinised closely to ensure employee
terms and conditions don’t suffer.

The Government
pledged to bring about a fundamental reform of the public services, which will
include much greater involvement of the private sector in the delivery of
public services.

Bill Morris,
the T&G’s general secretary, said, “In the light of those experiences we
have seen with the private sector’s involvement in industries like water and
the railways, those who advocate more private sector involvement should reflect
on those experiences.

“We believe
that when performance and delivery are measured in social terms it is in the
public sector rather than the private sector which is the most efficient and
effective. Private sector involvement should be subject to rigorous testing to
ensure value for money and ensuring the public sector workers pay, terms and
conditions are not worsened.”


By Paul Nelson. Click here to respond

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