The Ashley Kate Associates Group facilitate solution to enhance customers experience

As economic pressures are starting to grow, HR recruitment consultancies are facing closer scrutiny as to their efficiencies in the market place and are now closely evaluating their own wider performance issues. 

As the spotlight falls to add further ‘value’ and offer a more unique, competitive service without compromising on cost to their clients, one key area to focus on according to the Ashley Kate Associates Group is to build and enhance a unique customer experience that will set a consultancy apart from their competitors.

To deliver on these challenging business and customer facing requirements the Group undertook a series of project evaluations and from that created a new concept  – the Corporate Development Team – to respond and further strengthen their customers’ experience.  

The team’s aims are to collaborate with its core client and candidates relationships and work together in delivering a continuous improvement of effective and efficient services through a series of project initiatives and this ensures the Ashley Kate Associates Group remain at the forefront of their minds. 

As an organisation we place great value in developing and delivering a personalised service and since its inception we have received very valuable feedback from key HR leaders. 

It is also viewed as a positive contribution to a rewarding customer experience from the Group and one that will maximise the Group’s market presence further.

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