The Solutions Focus provides HR team development at the Tate

Coaching and consultancy firm The Solutions Focus (TSF) has been working with the Tate’s HR team to help the team members to build on their strengths and ensure their HR service is capable of supporting strategic change.

Colin Coombs, Learning & Development Advisor at the Tate, said: “As an organisation, we know we need to move with the times, to become more inclusive and to present different ideas to a new generation.  As the HR team, we wanted to agree and understand what we’re doing well and what we need to do differently in order to ensure our service remains effective and relevant.”

At a one-day workshop, the nine-strong HR team considered the changes they needed to put in place and they identified some ‘small steps’ that they could take to begin this process.

“We acknowledged what we’re doing well, made some constructive choices and developed a pragmatic plan for improvement that people are committed to because they had a stake in creating it,” said Colin Coombs.  “This was a very enjoyable and well-constructed session which helped to clarify individual roles and contributions and also helped to cement the team together.  It proved a useful springboard for thinking about the future.  We’ve now incorporated the solutions-focused approach into our performance reviews, our development plans and our internal coaching to help people think about their role and how they contribute.  There’s evidence to show that this is already having a very positive impact.”

Paul Z Jackson, Director of TSF, said: “We instil a step-by-step approach which helps people to envisage their desired future and then move towards it by building on what’s already working well.  The approach helps you to work towards a positive and successful outcome.”

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