How HR directors select software is about to change forever

The countdown started today on the biggest revolution Human Resources Information Software (HRIS) purchasing in the UK has seen in decades.

This summer sees the launch of the much-anticipated – set to transform the way companies choose their HR software.

Forget time-consuming trade fairs and cold calling, promises company-wide solutions without decision makers having to leave the office.

From June 15, HR professionals will be able to log onto and take an easy-to-follow questionnaire aimed at fine-tuning a software solution to meet their exact needs.

Based on a successful system already working in the USA, the experts behind have decades of experience in HRIS both here and in the US and are backed by a team of top SEO wizards and PR professionals.

CEO Denis Barnard said: “We are combining our understanding of HR processes and available solution knowledge to turn prospects into qualified leads. The UK is comfortable with comparison sites, so this is an obvious next step that presents a tremendous opportunity for software vendors.”

Questions will include the type of application required – HR, payroll or time and attendance – as well as modules on absence, training and recruitment.

The results provide a graded list of the best software providers for organisations of any size or sector.

An online glossary will help bridge the ‘technology gap’. The site will also have the latest news of interest affecting HRIS users and buyers, as well as a wide range of vendors – many of which may not normally be found through the usual searches.

Barnard continued: “We’re replacing a lot of time-consuming research with a method that gives all the answers from the comfort of your desk. Decision makers now have HRIS solutions at their fingertips.”

Barnard said: “Making the wrong software choice can be very expensive. Logging onto could be the best choice you ever made.”





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