Thursday is the worse day for HR and finance

HR and finance professionals in companies around the world are the least productive on a Thursday, according to new research

The survey of 1,800 HR and finance professionals in 11 countries, by recruitment consultancy Robert Half Finance & Accounting, reveals that 55% admit to not being productive every day of the week.

Of those respondents, Thursday is the worst day for HR professionals (only 4% viewing it as their most productive day) closely followed by Fridays (5%).

The start of the week is the best time for HR professionals, with 18% claiming to be productive on a Monday and 15% on a Tuesday. The UK is no exception with 22% preferring Mondays and only 4% achieving much on a Thursday.

Nearly half of all respondents claim to take at least two days to get up and running after a holiday, and of these one in 10 take a week or more.

The research reveals that one in four HR professionals feel that they would be more productive after a siesta. One in five HR professionals in the UK would enjoy this perk in the office.

The survey also shows that improvements in IT would help make HR professionals more productive, with access to better computers (18%), laptops (11%) and palmtops (5%). An on-site gym is also seen a key motivator (18%), alongside natural light in the office (11%), air-conditioning (11%), their own office (10%) and an on-site crche (10%).

Phil Sheridan, managing director of Robert Half Finance & Accounting, said: “Companies should look at putting new practices and systems in place to help their staff achieve maximum productivity, such as training to help them build new skills and stress-combating techniques such as membership to a gym. And what better time for companies to start motivating their staff than the beginning of a new year.”

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