Top five common misconceptions of

The online recruitment marketplace has hit upon a successful formula that benefits both employers and recruiters. However, the free to use, Internet-based platform has met some cynics. Both in the world of HR and recruitment. In a bid to allay their concerns, and address any misunderstandings, here is a quick run down of’s Top Five Most Common Misconceptions… 

1. The direct relationship between employer and recruiter is lost.

Far from restricting a direct relationship between an employer and a recruiter, actively encourages it. All does is provide the platform that connects the two parties. Once an employer has approved a recruiter to work on their vacancy, they are encouraged to meet, speak, and correspond as they would do outside of the marketplace.

2. Employer: “I cannot use as I have a PSL in place…”

Employers can still work solely, or predominantly, with their current PSL within the marketplace while profiting from the platform’s other benefits: a streamlined recruitment process; free employment law legal advice; and a simplified master vendor system. And should their PSL struggle, they can open their hard-to-fill vacancies up to the wider marketplace and access a wider pool of talent.

3. The sole purpose of is to drive down fees.

One advantage of using is that it empowers employers by giving them the opportunity to set their own fixed fee. In many cases this results in fees that are lower than the industry norm. However, employers recognise that it can also be used to fill specialist roles quickly, by incentivising recruiters with a high fee. Hence it can works both ways.

4. If I advertise vacancies on I will be inundated with cold calls.

The opposite is actually true. When employers upload their vacancies onto the platform they are presented to recruiters anonymously, so employers will not receive any unsolicited calls from recruiters within the portal. Should an employer receive cold calls from recruiters outside of the marketplace, they can direct them to their vacancies on

5. It sounds to good to be true; surely there must be some hidden costs?

There are absolutely no hidden costs. provides a platform that efficiently connects employers to recruiters, and it makes its money by deducting 20% commission from the fixed fee that an employer originally sets. It costs nothing to register and nothing to upload a vacancy. The process is 100% transparent and there are no hidden costs. Employers only pay the fixed fee that they specified, and they only pay upon success. If they fill the vacancy by another method, they pay nothing.

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