This week’s training news

FE teacher course

Warwick University is launching a pathway programme to improve the teaching
and training skills of staff working in further and adult education. The
scheme, based on standards produced by the Further Education National Training
Organisation, follows a review of training provision in the sector. The course
will be introduced in the summer.

Bank earns award

A Lloyds TSB virtual learning centre has earned a national award from the
Scottish University for Industry. The centre allows staff at the bank’s 187
branches to train online while at work or at home. The move is part of a
life-long learning drive. The learning skill opportunities is also linked to
employees’ personal development plans.

X-Type drive

Jaguar dealers have been given specialist e-learning to improve their
knowledge of the X-Typecar range. The training was delivered via a specially
designed CD-Rom produced by MultiJac. The CD is available in six languages and
uses a TV game show style to help dealers retain product information. A
self-assessment application allows dealers and managers to monitor the learning

E-learning splash

The US Navy is extending its e-learning programme to classrooms, submarines
and ships following successful pilot schemes. The THINQ system will be
implemented at 160 locations, across multiple security classifications. A
website launched last year already manages 2,000 e-learning courses for more
than 1.2 million military staff. It is hoped the increase in e-learning will
reduce training costs.

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