Training plans to combat local authority skill shortages

Local government employees are being urged to study for vocational
qualifications under new plans by the Local Government National Training
Organisation (LGNTO), announced today.

The LGNTO launches its Local Government Workforce
Development plan 2001-4 that aims to improve the skills of local government workers
to tackle the present recruitment and retention problems within local

The plan sets out 27 key targets and four recommendations
for councils. These include obtaining Investors in People or Public Sector
Excellence Model status, implementing regularly reviewed individual development
plans, and using National Occupational Standards to monitor and help employee’s

“We need to attract and keep people with ability,
enthusiasm, skills and vision. It is vital to develop the skills of the
workforce at all levels if we want to develop a high performance culture and
provide better services for our communities,” said LGNTO’s chair councillor
John Stocks.

Stocks believes that the plan will help local government
tackle it present problem of recruitment and retention as well as the use of
the Internet.

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