Tribunal watch: Man dismissed over domestic violence allegations claims sex discrimination

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An employee who was sacked for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend after a workplace party tried unsuccessfully to claim sex discrimination. Stephen Simpson rounds up the past week’s employment tribunal decisions.

Bank manager sacked for alleged girlfriend assault claimed sex discrimination
A bank manager who was sacked for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend after a Christmas party tried to claim that he was a victim of sex discrimination, reports the Mirror.

The claimant was alleged to have attacked his partner, who worked for the same employer, after the workplace party.

He was dismissed, but brought a sex discrimination claim under the Equality Act 2010. He argued that a woman accused of carrying out the same attack on a man would not have been sacked.

However, the employment tribunal threw out the claimant’s sex discrimination case.

Other tribunal decisions in the headlines

Collective redundancy consultation: retailer’s stores are each an “establishment”
In Northern Ireland reference Lyttle and others v Bluebird UK Bidco 2 Ltd, the European Court of Justice held that each of a retailer’s stores is a distinct “establishment” for redundancy consultation purposes. The case now returns to the industrial tribunal to apply the case to Northern Irish law.

Prison guard wins unfair dismissal case over dinner row
A prison officer who was sacked for allegedly grabbing the neck of an inmate who was demanding second dinner helpings has won his case for unfair dismissal, according to the Scottish Herald.

Former St Neots Town Council clerk Helen King wins unfair dismissal settlement
St Neots Town Council has agreed a settlement with a former town clerk who won an employment tribunal after she was dismissed, says the Cambridge News.

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