TUC calls for a partnership ‘pact’ on public services

The TUC has called on the government to work in partnership
with the unions over plans to increase the involvement of the private sector in
the delivery of public services, announced in the Queen’s Speech.

The speech also
highlighted an NHS Reform Bill
will further "modernise" the health service.

Power will be devolved from Whitehall down to
"frontline NHS organisations", with the eventual aim of seeing 75% of
NHS spending resting in the hands of health professionals.

"This is an
ambitious programme of legislation with the reform of the public sector at its
heart. Unions look forward to playing their part, working in partnership with
the government to achieve public services of which we can all be proud. But
during this reforming process, the government must resist the temptation to
always see private as good, and public as bad, said John Monks, the TUC’s
general secretary.

He continued, “We
welcome the bills promising the much-needed improvements in rail safety, and
equalities measures which will see all pensioners receiving cheap travel as
soon as they turn 60. Over the next few days we will be keenly studying the
detail of all the Bills announced today."


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