TUC calls for Government to extend gay rights

TUC has called on Government to extend its plans for increased lesbian and gay
rights beyond the workplace.

the European framework, the Government must incorporate equality in employment
and occupation into UK law by 2003 and is currently consulting on how the
legislation will be introduced.

new rules will prevent discrimination over sexual orientation when employing
staff, but do not cover laws on pensions, inheritance or next-of-kin rights.

the report Winning Lesbian and Gay Equality the TUC finds more legislation is
needed to achieve full equality.

new law gives the Government the opportunity to provide the gay and lesbian
community with comprehensive legal protection against discrimination on sexual
grounds," said TUC general secretary John Monks.

limit the protection to employment, while allowing discrimination to continue
to be legal in the provision of goods and services, would only send a confused


By Ross Wigham

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