TUC wants audits for working conditions of holiday staff

TUC is calling on the UK tourism industry to audit the working conditions
throughout the supply chain of the holidays they provide, to ensure workers are
not being abused.

call comes following a Tourism Concern investigation which showed that many of
the 200 million workers employed through the global tourism industry – worth
nearly £273bn a year – suffer low and unpredictable pay, treacherous safety
conditions, serious health risks, sexual harassment, long hours, and casual

also found that many don’t have contracts or training, and are prevented from
joining trade unions.

companies account for 50 per cent of the tourism business leaving the UK. The
TUC is calling for them to set the standard of auditing employment standards
for smaller operations to follow.

TUC general secretary Kay Carberry said: "UK holidaymakers would want to
know that a fair share of their holiday pound was going to the people who make
their holidays great. They would be reassured to know that their holiday
company has made sure there is no mistreatment of the waiters, cleaners,
guides, reps, cooks, drivers and other workers who cater for them.

is about companies treating working conditions as part of their social
responsibility, but also good business sense,” she said. “Good treatment of all
the workers your customers might meet will improve their performance. Customers
will enjoy the holiday more and will want to travel with you again."

By Quentin Reade

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