UK employees expect to be told about HIV colleagues

Almost half of UK workers would expect to be told if one of their colleagues was HIV positive, research by the National Aids Trust has revealed.

A study of 1,981 adults found that 44% would want to be told if a fellow worker was HIV positive, despite the law stating that those with the virus do not have to disclose their status unless they choose to.

Those who stated at least one incorrect way that HIV is transmitted were more likely to want to be told if a colleague was HIV positive (49%), compared to 35% of those who could identify correctly all the main HIV transmission routes. 

Deborah Jack, the trust’s chief executive, said: “HIV cannot be transmitted through normal work or social contact, so there is no need for colleagues to know about [an individual’s] condition. It only takes one person’s stigmatising attitude to cause discrimination.

“Employers have a duty to ensure all their staff are supported and respected and to create an inclusive working environment.”

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