UK employers cheat staff out of paid time off

UK managers are cheating their employees out of holidays, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

A CAB report reveals that many workers have been denied their legal entitlement of at least four weeks’ paid holiday a year.

According to the CAB, employers are using a wide variety of excuses, including saying they cannot afford it or that the worker is only part-time, to avoid giving the right amount of holiday.

Other managers are not aware of their legal obligations, the report claims.

The report also found a number of cases where even if employees know their rights, many are too scared of being sacked to take on their employers.

Paul Kilner, business management consultant for Citizens Advice, said: “The opportunity to take paid time off from the demands of work clearly plays a major part in the good work-life balance the Government has said it wants all workers to enjoy.”


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