UK employers unaware of proposed changes to ageism laws

changes to employment regulations around age are likely to come as a big
surprise to UK businesses, according to new research.

changes that would prevent employers setting retirement ages for staff and
remove the upper age limit for statutory redundancy pay are designed to combat
ageism in the workplace.

research, published today by Manpower, found that 61 per cent of employers were
either unaware of, or doing nothing to prepare for, the impact of the laws
contained in the European Equal Treatment Framework Directive due to come into
force from 2006.

Department for Trade and Industry has completed a consultation on the draft
legislation and is planning further consultation in the first half of this

Hounslow, head of public affairs at Manpower, said: "Employers need to
know what’s going to change and must start preparing now."

utilities sector is best prepared for the legislation, with 53 per cent of
electricity, gas and water suppliers already preparing for the change. The
biggest shock waves are likely to be felt in Wales, where fewer than one in
five (18 per cent) organisations saying they are preparing for the new

research was conducted by NOP, who surveyed 2,000 employers across the UK.

Quentin Reade

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