UK firms urged to tap into European labour force

Employers are undermining the UK’s business competitiveness
by not addressing the skills shortage through recruiting abroad, according to
recruitment consultancy TMP Worldwide.

Eighty per cent of the 350 European managers TMP polled said
that they are being affected by the skills shortage. Eighty-one per cent said
that they believe the situation will worsen during the next year.

Over three-quarters, 78 per cent, believe that cross-border
recruiting would ease the problem, but the same number are put off hiring
workers from abroad because they believe that there is to much red tape

“Whilst the EU is looking at addressing both the short and
long-term causes of skills shortage, this process may take years. European
business cannot afford to wait that long, particularly given the speed at which
today’s digital economy moves, and must act now if it is not to be left
trailing the US and Asian economies,” said Andrew Grant, European chief
executive of TMP Worldwide’s e-resourcing division.

By Paul Nelson

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