UK workers willing to swap pay for less stress

Six out of 10 workers would consider swapping long hours for a less stressful existence, according to research from insurer Prudential.

A poll by the life insurer found more than three-fifths of the UK population would consider relocating to a cheaper area within the British Isles or move abroad to take a less stressful, lower-paid job and increase their leisure time.

Plus 38% of people would be happy to take a lower paid job in return for more leisure hours without making a geographical move.

Gary Shaughnessy, director of Prudential’s health and wealth business division, said: “In the past, ditching the rat race for a less stressful existence was seen as a sign that you couldn’t take the pace.”

He said the survey showed that a balanced lifestyle was the key to being fulfilled.

“However, making a lifestyle change is a big deal and should be carefully thought out. It is not always as easy as simply throwing in the towel on a high-stress job, selling your home in the City and moving to the country to start your own business.

“Even if the new existence you crave is not centred on work and money, you still have to think about how much cash you will need and what assets you will use to make it possible.”

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