UKCC leaflet spells out

The UKCC has designed a new employer information leaflet aimed at gaining
assistance for OH nurses in their Prep duties.

Employers and Prep stresses the importance of employers checking the
registered status of practitioners, who must be registered before they begin

They are advised to ensure that staff maintain their registration through
meeting the post-registration education practice (Prep) standards set by
regulatory body the UKCC.

These include undertaking at least 35 hours of relevant learning activity
during the three years prior to renewal of registration; maintaining a personal
professional profile of this learning activity; and meeting any request from
the UKCC to audit compliance with these procedures.

Speaking about the employer’s role, Catherine McLoughlin, chairwoman of the
NHS Confederation and the UKCC’s Prep steering group, said, "Employers can
make a major contribution by facilitating and encouraging the continuing professional
development of their staff.

"In doing so, they will be demonstrating good employment practice,
helping to meet their clinical governance objectives and making a contribution
to public protection by ensuring that the registered workforce is fully equipped
to meet the needs of their patients and clients."

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