UK’s first workplace bullying and harassment investigation practice standards receive endorsement from Manchester Business School

CMP Resolutions has used its 20 years’ experience to develop a comprehensive resource that covers investigator Values, Competencies, Training Standards, and Service Standards.

Dr Helge Hoel, Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at Manchester Business School and a member of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment has given his endorsement to the standards: “CMP Resolutions has put together an excellent and comprehensive set of standards for investigating employee complaints. The document successfully describes and brings together a number of standards applicable to the investigation process, incorporating appropriate and accurately described standards which are essential for the overall success of an investigation. Where these standards are adhered to by investigators, I believe those directly involved in the process are likely to receive a fair and impartial hearing of their cases, something that cannot be taken for granted. Moreover, from the organisation’s point of view, ensuring that fair processes are in place should assist in providing closure and should positively influence employee commitment, whilst at the same protecting against potential detrimental consequences in terms of resorting to the courts and damage to the organisation’s reputation.”

Since launching the standards via a press release on Monday, CMP has received an overwhelming demand for the document and an unprecendented number of visits to their website as HR professionals download their free copy.

The Standards are available free from CMP Resolutions’ website at:

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