UK’s leading pharmaceutical wholesaler uses Cobent to help pharmacies improve prescription services to patients

AAH Pharmaceuticals, the UK’s leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, is making it easier and quicker for pharmacists to use their electronic Minor Ailment Scheme system in Scottish Pharmacies and improve services to patients. 

AAH is using the Cobent Learning Compliance Suite to develop and deploy simple-to-use e-learning courses that are on hand 24/7 to pharmacists using LINKEvolution, AAH’s prescription management software. 

It will be the first e-learning solution for a prescription management application in the UK.

Cobent will help pharmacists learn how to use LINKEvolution faster and provide them with an easy-to-access resource for future learning and reference.

Because users can increase their knowledge of the LINK system and its functionality, Cobent is expected to reduce the number of support calls AAH receives from customers. 

Cobent will also enable AAH to provide all Scottish customers, even in remote locations, with a consistent and high level of training and ensure training and information of LINKEvolution upgrades is delivered to customers quickly. 

Leon Rudd, AAH Marketing Director, said: “For AAH’s Customer Technology Team, the Cobent is crucial because it means we can offer a much better service to our customers, we can get them trained quickly and, with the roll out of National Programmes for IT throughout the UK for primary healthcare, it’s key to our business.  It also offers AAH real competitive advantage to be able to offer an e-learning solution for our EPS systems.” 

Rudd added: “There aren’t many organisations providing the e-learning solution that Cobent can deliver and, importantly, Cobent provided exactly what we need without adding features that we wouldn’t really use, which makes it a very cost effective solution. Cobent is also extremely easy to use especially for enabling us to develop our own e-learning content and as a learning environment for our customers.”

The Cobent e-learning solution for LINKEvolution – one of a handful of government accredited EPS systems – is being deployed to 280 pharmacies in Scotland soon and eventually to all of AAH’s 2,400 pharmacy customers around the UK.

Each pharmacy has around two to three users including fully qualified pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and counter assistants. 

The AAH LINK e-learning will provide users with a range of training modules – many that can be completed in less than ten minutes – software simulations and personal development monitoring tools via a web portal.

Customers will also be able to use the portal as a reference for information or for refresher training.

Cobent also enables AAH to provide new information and training modules to customers quickly every time there is a software upgrade or new feature addition. 

Howard Sears, Cobent’s CEO, said: “Under the NHS National Programme for IT, pharmacies are being encouraged to adopt EPS systems to integrate the complete prescription life cycle to improve administering and managing prescriptions and providing more advice to patients. By using Cobent, not only to develop e-learning content but also to deliver that content to users in a practical and simple way, AAH has taken a huge step forward in helping pharmacies implement and enhance the use of EPS applications.” 

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