Unions call on government for UK manufacturing

unions have unveiled a plan designed to stop the decline if UK manufacturing.

in conjunction with the GMB, T&G and Unison unions, is recommending a list
of measures the unions believe will bolster manufacturing, which is losing
2,500 jobs every week.

want to see:

A national investment bank to counter the ‘damaging short-termism of Britain’s
financial sector’

The Government positively favouring UK companies in its public procurement

The UK employment protection laws be equal to those of continental Europe

general secretary Derek Simpson said: "Only the Government can create an
environment that limits the options of business to withhold investment. Strong
employment laws plus investment equals high productivity and jobs."

month the IPPR think-tank published a report on UK manufacturing which
predicted that if current trends continue the sector could shrink to around 10
per cent of gross domestic product and account for only 5 per cent of jobs by

By Michael Millar

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