Unions to advise Polish workers on employment rights and skills at British-Polish Recruitment Fair and Career Development Conference

Trade unionists will provide Polish workers in the South East with advice on their employment rights, and how unions can help them improve their skills, at an event in London this weekend.

The British-Polish Recruitment Fair and Career Development Conference aims to help the estimated one in four Poles working in the UK who have a Master’s degree, but who are in unskilled or semi-skilled jobs, match up with more appropriate careers.

The event has been organised by the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce. Staff from Unionlearn, the TUC’s skills organisation, will also be on hand to give advice.

Barry Francis, regional manager at the Southern and Eastern Regional TUC, said: “Polish workers are widely recognised as good employees, and Unionlearn is working with organisations like the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce to help them develop their skills and knowledge.

“It is clearly a waste of people’s skills to have potential doctors working as chambermaids, and future engineers stacking shelves.”

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