Universities wake up to the world of work and making students employable

UK universities are focusing more on student employability than ever before, according to research.

Almost all (94%) of the 52 university admissions officers surveyed by ACS International Schools believe their institutions are putting greater emphasis on employability when students graduate.

Eight out of 10 admissions officers cited the importance of leadership experience when reviewing applications for jobs. About 90% also said they looked as ‘soft skills’, such as communication, teamworking and work experience, when considering applicants.

An increase in the number of vocational courses, the practical application to life skills and higher fees were all cited as reasons for a growing interest in employability.

Fergus Rose, head of marketing at ACS International Schools, said: “Employers claim that more students are leaving school without the skills they need to succeed in the UK workforce.

“However, with A-level exam results rising each year, it is time for educators and employers to take a step back and assess what skills will be needed for employees in the global economy, and what skills UK students must have to compete and succeed in this internationally-mobile working world.”

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