Video Arts creates 50 trainer licences for FISH

Video Arts has created a new licence that will allow 50 independent trainers and consultants to use FISH! content in their training.

FISH! is a workplace philosophy, based around a training film created in 1998 which shows how the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle bring energy, commitment and fun to their work. The film has been translated into 17 languages and is now an established resource for motivation, engagement, innovation and ‘culture change’ training.

Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts, said: “FISH! is a global phenomenon in the training world. Its simple principles – be there, play, make their day and choose your attitude – have struck a chord with employees throughout the world and enabled organisations to create positive change at work. Previously, digital rights issues meant that independent trainers couldn’t use FISH! with their clients. The 50 licences that we’ve created will enable a select band of individuals to provide FISH! training and differentiate their services.”

As well as the right to download and play the FISH! film, the 50 approved trainers will receive a facilitator pack, with group activities and advice on running FISH! training; a DVD of techniques and examples; customisable PowerPoint slides and Word documents and access to an online ‘train-the-trainer’ best practice event.

The first-year licence is priced at £999 and the ongoing annual licence fee is £500. Three-day use of the FISH! film is charged separately at £199.


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