Video Arts makes it easier for trainers to integrate video, with three new digital options

Video Arts has introduced three digital video options – Online rental, Pay-as-you-go and Enterprise licences – to make it easier for trainers and organisations to download and stream its library of digital video clips.

Video Arts has split its best-selling training films into over 1,000 digital video clips, each of which covers a specific learning point, such as: ‘approaching the appraisal correctly’; ‘structuring a coaching conversation’; ‘target setting using SMART’ and ‘giving constructive feedback.

“Trainers are increasingly incorporating video clips, YouTube-style, into their training to achieve greater impact,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “Our digital video options have been created to meet the market demand for more flexible content. We’ve made it easier for trainers to integrate bite-sized video clips from our top titles, when and where they want them.”

Video Arts new ‘Online rental’ option allows organisations to rent entire films digitally for a week, for £199.

“Digital rentals mean that organisations don’t have to waste time and effort sending and receiving DVDs in the post,” said Martin Addison. “Instead, trainers can use the clips they need when they need them. They can even email clips to their learners.”

The ‘Pay-as-you-go’ option entitles any organisation, even external training consultants, to access all of Video Arts digital content and to pay only for the clips they use. The model is similar to a mobile phone top-up service, as credits are bought in advance and used when required. The Pay-as-you-go clips are priced at £10 each for 24-hour usage.

Video Arts’s ‘Enterprise licence’ option gives an organisation anytime access to the company’s full digital library or to combinations of films or even to a single video title. Learners can directly access the selected videos on-demand from any computer. Pricing is based on the number of users and is scaled to make it attractive even for small and medium-sized companies.

“Our digital video options mean that trainers will no longer struggle to play a DVD chapter or cue a video tape,” said Martin Addison. “Instead, they can demonstrate behaviours and reinforce their learning messages using memorable, relevant digital clips, from famous Video Arts content, with access to all the associated trainer’s guides and learning materials. Trainers can preview all clips to plan their training and we have a dedicated team to help them find the right clip for their needs.”



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