Video Arts offers online access to CIPD training clips

Video Arts is streaming online video clips from eight training DVDs produced by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, giving trainers instant access to the learning content from any computer, for the first time.

The eight DVD programmes cover leadership, coaching, performance management, influencing skills, communication, customer service, presentation skills and selection interviewing. Video Arts has split the content of each title into shorter, ‘digestible’ sections, covering specific scenes centred around key learning points. Because these scenes are digital, trainers can drop them into Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts, said: “These clips can help trainers to bring key subjects to life and deliver more effective training sessions with greater impact. The scenes demonstrate good and bad practice and there’s a guarantee of quality because the content is produced by the CIPD. By making these scenes available online, we’re offering another way to access the content. This makes it easy for trainers to integrate these clips into their training, when and where they want them.”

Video Arts has a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option which enables independent trainers to access any clip and pay only for those they use. Each clip is priced between £10 and £60, depending on its length, for 24-hour usage. Alternatively, Video Arts offers a digital library licence which gives organisations anytime access to the company’s full digital library of films.

Video Arts is also distributing the eight training programmes as DVDs. Each is priced at £995 and comes complete with a trainer’s guide which includes practical handouts, tools and exercises.

The eight programmes are:

  • Practical leadership skills

  • Coaching skills for line managers

  • Performance management: appraisals, objectives and career development

  • Persuade, influence and negotiate

  • Communicating in difficult situations

  • Customer service skills in your organisation

  • Presentation skills

  • Selection interviewing skills

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