CrossKnowledge sets the standard with BSI

Paris, 16th March, 2010 – CrossKnowledge, the European expert in the remote development of leadership and management skills through new technologies, is pleased to announce that BSI, the UK’s leading standards, assessment and certification provider, has recently joined its customer base. The two companies will join forces to help BSI employees meet their career goals by offering them a flexible, high-quality distance and e-learning experience adapted to their personal situation and aspirations.

CrossKnowledge’s UK office opened in July 2007 with the aim of providing the company’s UK-based clients and partners a higher level of service and support through a dedicated physical presence in the UK. BSI has recognised both the value of close proximity with a training service provider and the ability of the CrossKnowledge UK team to respond to the specific needs of the UK market.  Founded in 1901, BSI currently employs 2,300 staff in more than 50 global offices, serving customers in over 140 countries. BSI’s central activities are the development and publishing of standards, the assessment and certification of management system standards, and the testing and certification of products and services. With solutions in key business areas of performance, risk and sustainability, BSI offers a wide range of solutions to enable businesses to gain access to markets, improve their performance, manage compliance and risk, and reduce their costs. The most well know of these solutions include the quality management system ISO 9001 and the ‘Kitemark®’ – BSI’s safety and quality mark.

With a substantial change programme to take BSI forward and align its activities more closely with customers and markets, BSI recognised the advantages of a structured management training programme that could be quickly rolled out across the Group’s wide-reaching network of employees. BSI also saw the benefits such a programme could generate for the company, especially in terms of employee engagement, motivation and learning. In particular BSI needed to shift the focus of their sales message away from product towards solutions. There was also a need to reinforce the cultural shift underway within the Group.

CrossKnowledge was awarded a three-year contract by BSI, with a view to enhancing their existing provision of management training in both breadth and depth. With 2,300 staff working in more than 140 countries, the only effective way that BSI can provide training to the majority of these employees is through distance learning. This is one of the reasons why CrossKnowledge’s full service offering and their ability to provide training in 15 different languages was so attractive in the context of BSI’s global operations. In addition, CrossKnowledge’s mission to provide the best possible service in all of its activities reflected BSI’s own commitment to quality, and will form a solid foundation for their ongoing relationship.

BSI judged CrossKnowledge’s proposition to represent excellent value in terms of both quality and effectiveness, and it was with enthusiasm that they entered into a corporate contractual agreement with the training solutions provider to build, deploy and manage training solutions that are designed to meet BSI’s specific applications.

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