Warwickshire Police select Specsavers to meet eyecare needs

 Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has been selected by Warwickshire Police to provide eyecare for its officers and staff.


Warwickshire Police will be using Optical Care Vouchers for around 950 police officers and VDU Vouchers for around 880 police staff including Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). This means that all of Warwickshire’s police officers will be provided with full eye examinations and glasses, if required. The VDU vouchers will ensure that the force is covered under the 1992 Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (amended in 2002), for all employees who use visual display units (VDUs).


Previously, officers and staff used expense forms to claim back a maximum amount for eye examinations and glasses, a system, which can prove costly both in terms of budget and administration. Warwickshire Police is now directly purchasing books of eyecare vouchers from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare. This system means they have no contract or future obligation, they can simply purchase additional vouchers as and when they need them and hand them out to members of the workforce as required. There is no set-up fee, contract or tie-in to worry about and no administrative burden.   

Natassia James, Head of Occupational Health at Warwickshire Police, says: Warwickshire Police has offered eye care to its workforce for a number of years to ensure their welfare while at work. We looked at a more efficient way of doing this and after reviewing the provisions of a number of suppliers, Specsavers were chosen.”


Leonie Caul, Corporate Account Manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, says: “We have over 12,000 corporate clients across a wide variety of industries both in the public and private sector. We are delighted that Warwickshire Police has now joined our list of clients and hope that we can help them to keep an eye on communities and protect them from harm.”

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