Weathering the personnel storm is more important than ever

Engaging employees is the key to retain top performing staff and encourage maximum productivity throughout the remainder of 2009 and 2010, according to Capital Incentive’s & Motivation’s newly launched white paper.

The 20-page white paper,Building Engagement & Performance – maximising the success of incentive & motivation programmes in 2009’, shows how incentive and reward programmes can play a vital role in motivating personnel and generating the right behaviour, which results in increased productivity, company loyalty and a credible Return On Investment (ROI).

Companies with existing programmes need to realign its strategies, objectives and rewards with the current market and manage the scheme smarter than ever.

“The business climate has changed dramatically. In weather terms it is no longer sunny with a gentle following breeze. It is now cold and wet with gale force winds. To succeed in this more difficult environment, organisations need their people to be more committed and determined as well as more adaptable and united,” said Derrick Hardman, Managing Director, Capital Incentives & Motivation, the specialist incentives division of Accor Services UK.

Businesses today are facing many daunting challenges as they strive to survive the recession.

Hardman advises developing strategies that engage staff with their employing company’s objectives is vital to the prospering success of the organisation.

“A clear vision of required changed and greater use of short-term schemes executed with tact will create a rippled effect in employee attitudes whereby positive behaviour and outlooks are passed through an entire company,” said Hardman.

“Consistent multi-channel communications, human interaction, cohesion between senior management, HR and line managers and commitment are essential factors to maximise returns. Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in your people, but it’s also the time to do it smarter.”

Building Engagement & Performance highlights why motivation programmes succeed or fail; where they work well; how to motivate all employees; long-term versus short-term schemes and managing budgets; how to choose what incentive rewards to offer; the options available; the power of the internet to motivate; and the future of rewards and incentives.

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