Web site allows staff to compare salaries

The TUC is revealing pay differences via an online database that allows workers to compare their salaries with those of their chief executives.

The Worksmart database offers free access to detailed information on about 1,500 of the UK’s biggest employers.

Alongside business data, such as number of employees and company profitability, the database allows staff to discover the salary of the highest-paid director.

A novel feature enables individuals to enter the amount they were being paid five years ago, to find out how much they would be earning now if their salary had increased at the same rate as that of their top directors.

Other features include a careers section, stock news links from the London Stock Exchange and a salary checker provided by PayWizard.co.uk, enabling users to weigh up earnings against their counterparts at different firms.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: “Finding out more about the company that employs you or one that you are thinking about working for is not always that straightforward. Worksmart aims to provide a wealth of corporate information no more than a mouse click away.”


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