What graduates want is a chance to get started

Your feature ‘Coping with the me generation’ (Personnel Today, 21 November) about ambitious graduates who expect top-notch salaries does not paint an entirely accurate picture.

In our experience, few want to be the next Alan Sugar. Yes, they are ambitious, but the common denominator is that they want a step on the ladder; to work at a company that can offer career progression, training and development. This far outweighs financial reward.

‘Oven ready’ they certainly aren’t, but with a little patience, training and nurturing, they have enormous potential to develop into successful business managers who can make a real impact on a company’s development.

Too often there is a disconnection between what graduates want and what businesses expect. Perhaps it is time for businesses to start communicating more effectively with graduates and wake up to the fact that an employment deal is a two-way street. To retain and nurture talent, people management programmes should just be the start.

Wendy Duprey
Divisional leader, Pathfinders

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