Women think looking better helps their careers

More than half of women believe having a “better body” and improved looks would help them up the career ladder, a survey has revealed.

Growing numbers of cosmetically enhanced celebrities appear to be helping to undermine the “brains over beauty” battle in the workplace, the research found.

A survey by Top Sante magazine found that 51% of women thought their careers would progress at a faster pace if they had a better body and were more attractive.

More than eight out of 10 women (83%) also said that the modern celebrity culture had made men’s expectations of women’s bodies too high.

As a result of pressures at work and in relationships, growing numbers of women are considering cosmetic surgery.

But it is not just men who are pushing women to extremes – 78% said other women were more critical of their weight and shape than men.

The survey of 2,000 women also found what has long been known – hardly any women are completely happy with their bodies.

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