Work experience barriers: Hang HR heads in shame over double standards

I give my support to the ‘Experience badge blocks HR career development’ article (Personnel Today, 6 March).

Previously I worked within manufacturing, and I found it difficult to move industries because I became pigeonholed.

I believe some people in HR are hypocrites in that they keep harping on about transferable skills, and how we should recruit for attitude and train for skills, yet in our own profession we pigeonhole people into certain sectors.

I was fortunate enough to find employment within the professional services sector, where the managing director appointed me because of my transferable skills and experience.

May I suggest to some so-called HR professionals that you should hang your heads in shame, and open your eyes to the big world outside instead of looking at recruitment through your own little worlds.

Warren Broadbent, HR manager, Waring and Netts

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