Young professionals seek overseas experience

Many of Europe’s young high-flyers are eager to jet off to
work abroad as soon as possible but believe that their employers are not giving
them the opportunities they need.

A survey conducted by Jobline and Cranfield School of
Management reveals that 75 percent of the ambitious young professionals questioned
in a range of European companies see experience abroad as crucial to the
advancement of their careers.

Over half of those surveyed say that they would like their
next job to be in another country.

However 35 percent did not believe that their current employer
will provide them with any foreign opportunities and a further 17 percent claim
they will leave the company if they are not provided with international

Toon Bouten, the chief executive officer of Jobline
international, said, “There is a great deal of desire and enthusiasm for
international opportunities. The achievers of the future are switched on to the
global nature of business today.

“Organisations wanting to attract and retain the most
talented individuals should take account of these ambitions and not only provide
the relevant opportunities but also convince existing and potential
professionals that they can do so.”

The Excellence in International Leadership survey
questioned over 6,500 professionals from 10 European countries.

By Robert De La Poer


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