Zubka API to facilitate new products and services

Zubka, the world’s most rewarding referral recruitment business, has opened up its API to facilitate a range of new products and services. 
The company is building relationships with a range of professional bloggers, online associations, industry networks and communities to host Zubka content via richly branded widgets, RSS feeds and white label partnerships.

Visitors to these sites will be presented with dynamically updated vacancies which Hirers publish on the Zubka Job Board and which carry the same valuable referral reward structure to incentivise interest and interaction from these new audiences.

Zubka Partners and Affiliates will be similarly incentivised and rewarded for driving members to Zubka and ensuring quality referrals are made to Hirers.
The comprehensive targeting of niche communities is going to become increasingly important to the recruitment industry as the skills shortage worsens.

Therefore the ability to deliver content streams of appropriate job opportunities direct to both niche and general audiences vastly extends the reach and relevance of Zubka’s candidate sourcing capability and the success of its model.

Working with online publishers that already have a loyal user base of repeat visitors enables Zubka to proactively take its vacancies to those people who probably already know the right person for the job, vastly speeding up the referral process.

These sites will also have a high concentration of passive candidates directly or indirectly associated with them already.
“Zubka’s core value to Hirers is its ability to source highly skilled, actively interested, often passive candidates more quickly, cheaply and effectively than traditional recruitment routes;” commented Armando Ruffini, CEO and Co-Founder of Zubka. “By taking our model and our clients’ vacancies direct to destinations where relevant people congregate due to their interests, skills and working life, we can provide excellent new channels of potential talent for Zubka Hirers to tap into for the same low cost.”
Third party developers, sites and services will utilise Zubka’s innovative and rewarding content in their own online offering to drive additional value both to their businesses and consumers, as well as the Zubka community.

Personalisation, or the ability for consumers to self-schedule and customise what they are shown online, was found to be a mega trend shaping contemporary digital media consumption according to the Association of Online Publisher’s (AOP) study into ‘My Digital Life’ in 2007.

45% of Europeans & Americans already feel there is too much choice online according to Datamonitor and so all parties working together to provide destinations where individuals can cut through the clutter and access the particular content of most interest to them will have far-reaching benefits.
The new technology features also speed up and enhance the referral process by enhancing the delivery of job alerts to Referrers. Zubka widgets can also be used on Referrers’ desktops and online start pages, while RSS feeds of relevant job opportunities can be easily pulled into any RSS reader online, in email or on the desktop.

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