Getting into HR

HR jobs go west in Civil Service shake-up

15 Mar 2005

Up to 500 jobs in the Civil Service are being relocated from London and the South East to South Wales.

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London is the HR centre of opportunity in the UK

15 Feb 2005

Despite the government's push for more regional autonomy across the UK, London remains the powerhouse of the British economy, worth more than £162bn annually

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Survey sheds light on career obstacles

11 Jan 2005

How do you make it to the top of the profession? What are the biggest hurdles blocking the progress of experienced HR graduates? Quentin Reade looks at a report about climbing the career ladder

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Career outlook is good for the heart of Britain

23 Nov 2004

Working in the Midlands

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MA degree in Human Resource Management

27 Oct 2004

How long? Usually one year full-time, or part-time over two years, and is often broken down into block study periods....

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First steps in HR

26 Oct 2004

Cheryl King, Careers Executive at the CIPD, looks at how to get into HR.

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Career focus: North West

19 Oct 2004

A region by region look at working in HR in the UK. This month we investigate North West

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Career focus: South West

24 Aug 2004

South West riding on a wave of confidence

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Career focus: Northern Ireland

13 Jul 2004

Economic recovery takes root despite troubled past

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Career focus: Wales

22 Jun 2004

Economical stability puts Valleys on high

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Career focus: London boroughs

18 May 2004

Get the right balance to appreciate capital living

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Career Focus: North East

20 Apr 2004

Reality check working wonders for North East

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