Place your CV online and open up new possibilities

A new feature in Personnel lets you upload your CV document to the website so that potential recruiters can view it.

Until now, the information you could upload was restricted to a simple career profile. Now, however, you can upload your CV in Microsoft Word format.

This new tool has many benefits for jobseekers. First, it means you can present the information in any way you want, rather than being constrained by the way the website presents your profile information.

It means you can work on creating your CV offline, and then upload the document to the site when you are ready. This also means that you can update your CV document as often as you like, so that it more accurately reflects your current experience and skills.

The feature also allows users to load multiple CV documents. You can therefore create different documents, each emphasising a different aspect of your career – for example, one generalist and one specialist. This means that you can give the best impression to potential employers, showcasing your skills.

Commenting on the launch of the new feature, Andrew Rogers, web manager for, said: “We have received really enthusiastic feedback all round.

Recruiters told us they loved the searchability of our CV profile system, but they wanted the added detail of the jobseekers’ own CV document. Jobseekers had told us they wanted some control over the presentation of their career information. Everyone seems happy with the new system.”

To upload your CV on to, go to

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