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How happy and healthy are your staff?

PROMOTED | A major study by leading economists at the University of Warwick revealed that...

planning for the future: health and wellbeing at work strategy

Building a health and wellbeing at work strategy for the future 

Organisations need to develop a health and wellbeing at work strategy that recognises the needs of rising numbers of employees...

disability related absence

Call for right to return to work within a year for people on disability-related sickness absence

A thinktank has called for a right-to-return-to-work period of one year for people on disability-related sickness absence or with long-term...

The IES report suggests employers should not discount the positive benefits of some presenteeism at work

Report says presenteeism is of benefit when supporting return to work

Being at work while ill – so-called “presenteeism” – may not always be such a bad thing, a report by...

cancer in the workplace

Employers fail to manage cancer in the workplace, survey shows

Employers are failing to plan for how to support and manage employees with cancer, both those going through treatment and...

A third of manufacturing firms  would pay for medical treatment if there was a benefit to the company,  the EEF survey found.

Manufacturers call for tax relief for medical expenses to get sick staff back to work

Manufacturers have called on the Government to revisit the idea of offering tax breaks for medical treatments as a way...

employee wellbeing

Seven signs to test for wellbeing readiness

There are seven signs that show whether or not an organisation is ready to implement an employee wellbeing programme. Ben...

A questionnaire that looks beyond the physical causes of back and neck is proving useful in aiding return to work

Screening for the psychological causes of back and neck pain can speed recovery

GP Nick Summerton suggests how the Orebro questionnaire is a basis for referring employees to forms of support and could...

occupational health management referrals

How to get occupational health management referrals right

Getting OH management referrals right is a key factor in supporting a return to work after sickness absence. Dr Sue...

workplace bullying and harassment

Workplace bullying and harassment policies in occupational health

Occupational health practitioners have a role in implementing workplace bullying and harassment policies, research suggests. Felicity Fleming looks at the...

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