Transfer of undertakings (TUPE) laws safeguard employees’ rights when there is a transfer of a business or service from one organisation (the transferor) to another organisation (the transferee).

On a TUPE transfer, the contracts of employment of transferring staff transfer to the new employer, which also inherits the transferor’s duties and liabilities under those contracts.

After the transfer, the new employer is restricted in its ability to makes changes to the transferring employees’ contracts of employment.

Times are changing for transfer of undertakings

19 Apr 2005

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) have recently been subject to change, and Labour's re-election would lead to even more

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Transfer of undertakings

12 Apr 2005

XpertHR answers questions on TUPE, including the recent change on pension provision

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TUPE changes promise clarity, at a cost

29 Mar 2005

After almost four years of waiting, they have arrived. The new draft Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations (TUPE) were finally published on 15 March. Was the wait worth it, asks Stefan Martin

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Pension protection added to TUPE transfers

22 Mar 2005

From 6 April, workers whose companies have been transferred under TUPE regulations will have their pensions provision protected.

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DTI spells out TUPE change proposals

16 Mar 2005

Consultation has begun on draft changes to the TUPE regulations that protect employees' rights when a company is taken over

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Court rules in favour of employees in staff transfers

1 Mar 2005

Public authorities in the EU have no free hand to change the terms and conditions of employees they inherit when taking over a private sector organisation, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.

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IT staff to move in AA outsourcing deal with IBM

24 Feb 2005

About 120 IT staff at the AA will be transferred after the motoring organisation outsourced its IT to IBM in a seven-year deal initially worth up to £50m.

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Carlisle Facilities Group v Matrix Events & Security Services and others, 16 September 2004, Employment Appeal Tribunal

1 Feb 2005

TUPE regulations

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Administration move puts 5,700 jobs at Allders in doubt

27 Jan 2005

The department store group Allders finally collapsed into administration yesterday, putting the future of its 5,700 employees in doubt.

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Overcoming hurdles in TUPE transfer selection

16 Nov 2004

The publication of new TUPE regulations next month makes it the topic of the moment. One of the trickiest areas...

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Davies and Baig v Eton Air Limited, EAT, 22 July 2004

12 Oct 2004

Contract loss is not a TUPE issue: Davies and Baig worked for The Travel Company and dealt with the travel...

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Ramdoolar v Bycity Limited, EAT, 30 July 2004

12 Oct 2004

Is she or isn’t she? Following her dismissal on the grounds of performance, Mrs Ramdoolar claimed the company’s reasons were...

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Transfer trivia

1 Jun 2004

Is the Code of Practice on public sector staff transfers really preventing two-tier workforces?

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