Belief discrimination

Protection against discrimination in the Equality Act 2010 goes beyond safeguarding employees' religious beliefs to cover “philosophical beliefs” as well. Employees who hold a “philosophical belief” that meets the test set out in case law are protected against direct and indirect belief discrimination, harassment and victimisation because of their belief.

What constitutes a “philosophical belief” under the Equality Act 2010 is a matter of fact in each case. Employment tribunals will apply the test in Grainger plc v Nicholson, in which the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) set out five hurdles that must be jumped for a philosophical belief to come within the Equality Act 2010. The EAT found that a deeply held belief that “mankind is duty-bound to act on catastrophic climate change” was protected under the Equality Act 2010.

No jab, no job? Six Covid vaccination questions for HR

Last week, the owner of Pimlico Plumbers said he wouldn’t offer a job to anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated. Given...

Vaccinations: Why employers need to consider religion and belief

4 Jan 2021

Many aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic divide opinion in the workforce, and vaccines are a hot topic at the moment....

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Dismissed Lidl worker claims to follow ancient Hellenistic philosophy

24 Sep 2020

Stoicism – an ancient philosophy – is a protected characteristic, rules tribunal.

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Society launches veganism guidance for employers

18 Feb 2020

Following last month’s landmark ruling that ethical veganism qualifies as a philosophical belief for the purposes of the Equality Act,...

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Dress codes and religious discrimination: what is reasonable?

17 Jan 2020

While having a dress code can help project a professional image, employers need to be careful that their policies do...

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Has the ethical veganism ruling broken new ground?

16 Jan 2020

What does the “ethical veganism as a philosophical belief” ruling really mean and does it mark a change in law?...

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Vegan campaigner

Landmark ruling: ethical veganism is a philosophical belief

3 Jan 2020

Ethical veganism should be protected under the Equality Act 2010.

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Tribunal to decide whether ethical veganism is a ‘philosophical belief’

1 Jan 2020

An employment tribunal in January will consider whether ethical veganism should be protected under discrimination law – and could have major ramifications for organisations. 

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Woman who lost job over transgender tweets loses hearing

19 Dec 2019

A woman who lost her job at a charity because she tweeted that transgender women cannot change their biological sex...

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Maya Forstater

Woman who lost job over transgender views begins tribunal case

14 Nov 2019

An employment tribunal is examining the loss of employment of a tax expert after she had publicised her views on transgender rights: a landmark case.

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General election 2019: when politics and work mix

12 Nov 2019

How can employers prevent employees from electioneering at work? Should the workforce be banned from highlighting their political allegiances in...

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Can employers insist on their staff wearing or not wearing a poppy in the workplace?

Wearing a poppy in the workplace: myth or reality?

6 Nov 2019

Employers sometimes make the headlines over their policy on staff wearing a poppy in the workplace. We set out the...

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Ex-Mulberry employee loses philosophical belief appeal

18 Oct 2019

A former Mulberry designer who refused to sign a copyright agreement because she had a “philosophical belief” in the right...

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Political beliefs in the workplace: what does the law say?

15 Oct 2019

As the debate over Brexit reaches a crescendo and leavers and remainers disagree on what should happen next, Richard Fox...

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Vegetarians cannot be victims of discrimination: tribunal

16 Sep 2019

Vegetarians cannot be victims of discrimination, a judge has held, after a tribunal found it could not be described as...

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