Transitioning at work: Aoife Martin talks to Oven-Ready HR

This powerful, moving and uplifting interview on Oven-Ready HR shines a light on the extraordinary journey and bravery shown by Aoife Martin.

CPD: Transition period – supporting employees through gender transitioning

5 Mar 2021

The process of gender transitioning is complex and not undertaken lightly. As Dawn Wyvern explains in the first of a...

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Transgender people more likely to be out of work and on lower pay

2 Dec 2020

Transgender people are more likely to be unemployed and to receive lower wages compared to non-transgender people, according to a...

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Transgender woman rejected for Debenhams job receives £9k settlement

16 Jan 2020

Ava Moore alleged she was turned down because of her gender identity.

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Woman who lost job over transgender tweets loses hearing

19 Dec 2019

A woman who lost her job at a charity because she tweeted that transgender women cannot change their biological sex...

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Lloyd’s of London issues trans and non-binary inclusion guide

12 Dec 2019

Lloyd’s of London has issued guidance to insurance firms and their employees on the inclusion of transgender and non-binary employees....

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Maya Forstater

Woman who lost job over transgender views begins tribunal case

14 Nov 2019

An employment tribunal is examining the loss of employment of a tax expert after she had publicised her views on transgender rights: a landmark case.

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Gender identity: How to be more inclusive when using pronouns

31 Oct 2019

Awareness of gender identity and expression has grown in recent years and its important for employers to understand how trans,...

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christian doctor transgender pronoun employment tribunal

Christian doctor in transgender pronoun row loses at employment tribunal

8 Oct 2019

The Christian doctor who refused to refer to transgender benefits claimants by their relevant pronouns has lost his claim for...

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Christian doctor ‘chose’ to leave his job over trans pronoun row

12 Jul 2019

Dr David Mackereth, the Christian doctor who claims he was dismissed for refusing to use transgender pronouns, chose to leave...

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Christian doctor sacked for not using preferred pronouns

10 Jul 2019

A doctor has claimed he was dismissed because his Christian beliefs prohibited him from addressing transgender benefit claimants by their...

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Comment: Why employers need to embrace trans inclusion and support

7 Jun 2019

Trans or transgender employees can still often face prejudice, hostility and misunderstanding within the workplace. This makes it imperative employers...

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Mercer announces it will offer trans benefits under private medical scheme

16 Oct 2018

Benefits consultancy Mercer has announced it will offer a suite of trans benefits as part of its private medical scheme...

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How does gender pay gap reporting affect transgender employees?

13 Jul 2018

The new gender pay gap reporting laws currently make no mention of transgender or non-binary employees – employers can only...

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Supporting transgender employees: the importance of line management

27 May 2018

Recent research has highlighted that line management is a critical function when it comes to supporting trans employees, as Rosa...

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