5000 person payroll outsourced to Bond International Software by 2 Sisters Food Group

2 Sisters Food Group, a leading international food supplier to the retail, food service and food manufacturing sectors, has entrusted its entire UK payroll function to Bond International Software’s comprehensive and fully accredited payroll solution. In a 12 month rolling contract, almost 5,000 weekly salaries from 13 disparate locations will be processed centrally.

With an annual turnover of £650 million, 2 Sisters Food Group provides an excellent choice of raw and pre-prepared chicken products to all the leading retailers. Whilst predominantly a private label manufacturer, the company also produces a number of branded products, including Buxted and Devonshire Red.

2 Sisters’ payroll was previously managed independently on each site, so the principal driver for the introduction of the new software was to bring payroll into one central location at Scunthorpe. Payroll is now fully managed by three full time and three part time payroll staff, allowing faster results to be generated by fewer people.

Peter King at 2 Sisters Food Group, describes, “We were told that our previous system was not going to be updated and therefore would be unable to process the 2009 tax year end. This meant that we urgently needed to make a decision to either upgrade to an entirely new system or purchase a system from an alternative company. When comparing Bond’s offering with our previous software, it was clear that Bond was the best option for us.” 

“Bond’s payroll software is particularly simple and easy to use. We had to move fast to have the system up and running in time for the new tax year and we could not afford delays to paying the workforce because of a slow software changeover. This ease of implementation on top of the competitive pricing made Bond the obvious choice.”

Mr King adds, “The system adds real value to our business. It provides us with increased reporting capabilities, thereby making reports easier and faster to produce and gives us the ability to report on any item held in the payroll. The system also allows instant calculations on entering pay information into the system without having to wait for the system to batch calculate. By giving us instant results we are saving time and resources.”

Mr King concluded, “Bond’s involvement has provided us with a fully supported and feature-rich payroll system, but without the previous time and resource constraints. My colleagues now have improved visibility across departments which will enable our HR function to be more dynamic.”


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